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Is it safe for my dog to eat beef bones that are cooked? 

Normally no, so don’t take home that T-bone steak home from the restaurant.  Our bones are restaurant-grade, FDA inspected US-sourced beef bone marrow from a restaurant supplier and smoked over hickory wood chips at less than 200 degrees for a short time.  The temperature is the key to ensuring that the bones don’t splinter.  Of course, as with all treats and bones your dogs should eat them under supervision.  They may love it so much they will do strange things.  ​

I give my dog raw bone marrow.  Why should I pay more for a smoked marrow bone?


​A raw food diet is an amazing option for some dogs.  The smoked marrow bone smells like bacon to humans, so one can only imagine what it smells and tastes like to dogs.  Even after they get all the marrow out in the initial feeding, the bone still carries the scent of hickory.  So dogs will often go back to it weeks later and chew on it.  Due to the hickory scent, they make great vessels to fill with peanut butter, sweet potato, pumpkin or any other healthy filling - and will last them even longer if frozen!  

Why does my dog run away from me when I come near as he/she is chewing it? 


They smell like bacon and they think you want to steal it!  Even though you can technically eat it since we use FDA approved food gloves during the preparation, we’re really in the business of spoiling doggies.  Get your paws off it, human!   Oh, and it doesn’t have sodium or additives so it may not taste as good to you as it does to your dog. .​

What other ingredients are in your products? 

Simply the meat.  No sodium, no additives, no fillers.  The only reason they smell like they’ve been marinated for hours is due to the short smoking process.  ​

My dog is obsessed with these bones.  How many can I give him/her?  

As much as we love spoiling dogs, we think it’s most important to keep your dog at a healthy weight to ensure the longevity of life.  It all depends on your dog’s current weight and activity level.  We suggest consulting your vet.  Dyson (co-founder), a 90-lb American Yellow Lab, who is incredibly active for his 13 years of age and who still insists on carrying tree branches on his daily walks and hikes, chews on 3-4/week.  

How long do these smoked marrow bones take my dog to chew?  


We wish we had a universal “chewometer” scale.  It depends on the dog and how focused he/she is and how strong a chewer.  As a puppy, Dyson ate cabinets and baseboards.  He takes about 45 minutes to an hour to get out all the marrow.  Then he may return to gnaw on it for a couple of weeks.  Other dogs continue to gnaw on them a few months later.  

How do I store the bone and does it need refrigeration? 

The smoking process for bones and dehydrating process for the jerky naturally cures the meat so refrigeration isn’t necessary.  However, just like it is quicker to drink water than to eat ice, colder bones take longer to chew.  That’s why we recommend refrigerating the bone even a little bit before giving to your pup.  And for ravenous chewers, freezing them is a good option. 

Will the bones stain carpet or dog beds? 

The lipids in the bone may cause temporary staining so we recommend using an old towel or blanket that you can easily throw in the wash.  They usually come out clean!


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