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Last year, I moved from Los Angeles to the coolest place on earth.  Bend, Oregon.  My human daddy takes me swimming or hiking everyday where I get to carry big branches.  The only sad part is my human mommy and doggy sister, Scout, still live in Los Angeles.  But, I know they still both love me because they come every couple of months to visit.  And every time, they bring these amazing smelling marrow bones that I LOVE. I mean, I used to chew on them raw and they were fine.  But these ones? It smells like bacon and the humans always keep ALL the bacon for themselves!  I’m 13 years old now.  Apparently most doggies have to go to the dentist and get their teeth cleaned.  But since they’ve been spoiling me with marrow bones since I was a pup, the vet says I don’t have to do that….ever!  I know she would like you to buy a lot of bones because they make us doggies so happy.  But for my sake, don’t buy too many because I love them.



Humans say I look like a golden retriever puppy, but I’m a big girl.  I’m turning 8 this year.  I’ve got a lot of dog breeds in me.  My inner Golden Retriever makes me able to swim and fetch like the big doggies and the Coonhound in me makes me a squirrel-chasing expert.  But I also have a couple of other breeds in me that make me small and a picky eater, VERY picky.  My brother Dyson (who eats EVERYTHING) loved these raw marrow bones.  But my tummy hurt after I ate them.   So my mom decided to put them on the smoker for a little bit and they smelled so delicious!  After I chew on them for an hour, I feel fine and no upset tummy after!  I also love chicken so much that she started making me my very own chicken jerky treats.   The others she bought would upset my tummy too.  These ones smell like bacon but they are just chicken and have no sodium.  Sometimes, when they are in the dehydrator at night, I wake up and pretend I have to go outside to the bathroom.  Then, I sneak in the kitchen and give her a look with my cute puppy face.  It works every time! She gives me the first treat of every batch just so I make sure they are good enough for all the other doggies.  I give her a sad look every time she leaves the house with my treats packed up.  But she’s raised me to believe that sharing is caring. 

Happy dogs make me happy.  That’s the business’ primary mission.   I started out making the bones and treats for my dogs because I didn’t trust some of the products on the market.  When Dyson moved away in 2016, I needed a way for him to remember me from afar.  Every time I send him some bones, we chat via video so he knows I’m the one that sent them (as if his doggy daddy would smoke him some marrow bones)!  Dyson mainly just barks at me while I tell him I love him – and that makes me smile.  I started giving some friends’ dogs the bones and some doggie “influencers” on Instagram and was so happy with their feedback.  They REALLY loved them and some of the humans said they smelled so good they wanted to eat them!  Just check out our doggy testimonials page.  Dyson would be sad if you bought some bones, but I won’t tell him if you won’t.  Deep down inside, he would want to make other dogs happy too!  



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